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Why “Stay-Cations” Rock? Hate packing? Go Green!

I dislike packing for vacation. Very much.

I either overpack, organising things way in advance in neat piles and visualising outfits that I’ll end up not wearing, or I throw a few random things in a bag, at the last minute, in a moment of panic, telling myself “it’s a quick trip! I’ll deal with it when I get there!” Then end up missing basic comforts.

Such as warmth, because I didn’t bring a jacket. Or “dealing with it” turns into scratching my face with the thin tissue from the hotel bathroom because I forgot my beloved reusable bamboo cotton pads.

Now - don’t mistake me, I love vacations. I love leaving everything I know behind, the routines, the same four walls, the responsibilities. And most excitingly, I love throwing myself into new environments, discovering natural beauty, experiencing my body in different climates and landscapes, trying new foods, new rhythms.

But speaking of environment, I also recognise that we have a big impact when we hop on planes willy-nilly and expect ecosystems across the world to make way for us, touris