AICO Natural Firelighters V.s. Common Fire Starting Materials

Is there really a natural alternative to smelly, messy firelighters? And how effective are they, really? In this article, we will explore how AICO natural firelighters compare to various DIY options and common chemical firelighters. We will also look at which are the best and worst to use when trying to start your wood burner, bio-burner, pizza oven, campfire, fire pit in your household or restaurant.

Natural firelighters - what are the common ingredients?

In short, the most common ingredients are either wax and wood, particularly timber or pine. Alternatively, some chemical free firelighters are made with vegetable and plant-based oils with wood. Vegetable oils do not tend to ignite instantaneously or last very long by comparison to natural firelighters with wax. AICO natural firelighters are made with a blend of beeswax and fully refined paraffin wax as well as pine shavings taken from renewable sources.

Wax - the paraffin paradox.

Fully refined paraffin wax generally means there is a maximum of 0.1% oil content in the wax. Oil-based products are contributing to the creation of a global mass of waste matter that is virtually indestructible and presents ever-increasing difficulties for disposal. Not to mention oil is a finite resource. Unrefined paraffin to my surprise can be found not only in a variety of natural firelighter brands but also in creams to combat itchy dry skin. Alongside the warning, highly flammable. AICO wanted to stand out amongst the crowd and engineered a blend that

Are Natural Firelighters really eco-friendly?

There are a number of ways in which this could be debated. But the following are questions you should be asking yourself when hunting for an eco-friendly alternative:

· Are the ingredients natural?

· Is the cost to the environment to produce, package, transport, and burn the firelighters low?

· Does combustion expose one to nasty unhealthy chemicals?

· Are the natural firelighters biodegradable? Do they rot away? Can they be incinerated?

Best DIY firelighters?

If you are looking for the cheapest and most accessible possible option provided you have pine trees nearby, I’d highly recommend pine cones and dry sticks. Like the AICO Natural firelighters, the pine resin is an instant firestarter as stated by Bare Grylls himself.

If you have a little more time on your hands and are interested in pre-preparing something useful for that camping trip, you can reuse the leftover wax from romantic (or practical) candles. Heating the leftover wax and pouring it into egg cartons with dry leaves and twigs (yes, preferably pine). Be sure not to use anything damp or wet as this will result in a lot of smoke and is less likely to ignite. That’s putting that reduce, reuse, recycle thinking into action.

Or, if like most people you have no time but you do want an eco-friendly firelighter to try AICO Natural firelighters, and if you’re not happy feel free to return the box free of charge.

Highly flammable liquids such as ethanol, petrol, or gasoline?

Proceed with caution! In fact, please avoid. You should never use a flammable liquid to ignite your fire. This can be extremely dangerous for you and anyone nearby. Not only does it increase the risk of potentials burns and uncontrollable flames, but you will also be inhaling harmful chemicals that won’t do you any favors.

Why should I avoid using newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and other packaging materials to light my fire?

In short - because in this modern-day many of these contain ink and plastic particles which result in a poorer quality flame and worse these particles stick to your chimney flue and glass doors of your wood burner - clearly not ideal in the long run!

The benefits of using AICO Natural Firelighters?

Ideally, you want a firelighter that is assembled with dry materials and does not use liquid chemicals or palm oil. AICO Natural firelighters are made and are available at various retailers across the Cotswolds in the United Kingdom. They have a low carbon footprint, utilises UK beeswax, wood providers that are FSC certified, even the printing company is UK based. What's more, is you only need 1 to light a household wood burner. They are fast to ignite even wet and one will stay alight anywhere between 8-11 minutes. This makes it an ideal option when entertaining in the garden or away camping to kick-start or restart any fire!

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